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Adjectives That Start With V

V is not verbose. Though very far on the low end of the frequency spectrum in English words, it seems an eminently likable letter. Perhaps absence in this case does make the heart grow fonder. And, really, what’s not to like? V is valiant, vital, victorious, virtuous, versatile, vibrant and visionary. With words like these, it’s no stretch to imagine this letter going viral. Not voluptuous in appearance, V is valued instead for its trim and visually-pleasing taper. It also happens to be a fun letter to utter, passing the lips and teeth with a pleasant vibration. It’s virtuous in its pronunciation, varying very little, if at all, in the way it’s spoken from word to word. Check out the list below for a veritable treasure trove of valuable V adjectives with which to bolster your vocabulary.

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