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Adjectives That Start With J

J is jocular. The class clown. Always ready with a jape to be the jester, J is jovial, jocund and jaunty. It’s Jam-packed with those qualities that make life and writing so vivid. Joyous, juicy and jubilant. But don’t mistake J for some mere entertainer. Just when you think you have this letter in a box, the joke’s on you. This character has talent. J is a master juggler of grammar, able to keep those many-colored and wayward words in play with the impeccable timing of a well-told joke. Look past the joshing, jocular antics and jeweled costume, bells that jingle with every jump, and one finds behind this façade the candor and justice behind the joke. J is the fool of Shakespeare, his Falstaff. And so, without further ado, we present below some great J adjectives for you to ponder.

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